Executive Coaching

Elizabeth Newton coaches senior executives to improve their effectiveness: working on those aspects of their performance they wish to enhance such as leadership, communication, personal impact, team development, organisational skills, and work/life balance.

She has a particular interest in supporting individuals through transition such as becoming effective in a new role or re-engaging in the workplace after a career break.

Elizabeth’s coaching style is client-led and results focused; through a combination of support and challenge she helps individuals to develop, benefiting their personal and organisational performance.

First 100 days Coaching Programme

Moving into a new role in a new organisation is a complex transition for an executive. Making a positive start in the first few months is key to ongoing success, with significant costs for the organisation if the individual fails to gain traction quickly. The First 100 days Coaching Programme is designed to support the executive in this period to help him or her become effective in the new role as soon as possible to the benefit of both the individual and the organisation.

Women Returner Coaching Programme

Taking maternity leave from a senior role and returning confidently to work, balancing all the competing demands is a challenge. The Women Returner Coaching Programme is a planned, structured approach for assisting executives through this transition. The intervention contributes to the retention and motivation of senior women executives within the organisation. The programme helps the executives to enhance their own opportunities for a successful return to work and the organisation benefits from a smooth, well managed transition.


The coaching helped me in analysing the different situations I faced, in looking at different options and results, and then finally in developing a plan of action to best deal with the situations. I will be able to apply similar techniques for other situations in future.

Executive Director,
Investment Bank